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Without Reason

There’s a little place in the village that I’ve been going to for years.  It’s a cafe/wine bar called ‘Ino and even as I type this I do so self-consciously because I hesitate to recommend it to anyone.  I wish I could give you a rational explanation for why I like this place so much.  […]
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The Flowers Were Lovely

I had a date today with a guy I met on Plenty of Fish.  I’m supposed to be on a break from dating but it was an offer I couldn’t resist.  He invited me to go with him to the Orchid Show at the New York Botanical Gardens (I’m not into orchids, but the show […]
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Walking And Talking – A Day at the Museum

I’m a MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) member, which means I pay an annual fee and can then go as often as I like and take guests for a nominal fee.  This works out to be a great deal for me, as I visit the museum about once a month, sometimes more.  I might pop […]
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Ode to the Neighborhood Bistro

First let me say that that title is misleading.  The kind of place I’m talking about here isn’t always a bistro.  Sometimes it is.  But sometimes it’s not. Most neighborhoods in NYC have a great local restaurant that also happens to have a spacious bar area.  The kind of place that you’d feel comfortable going […]
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Wow, You’re So Impressive

I live in NYC and if there’s one thing we do well, here, it’s make people feel excluded. There are so many different places to go, so many different things to do, but there’s always going to be a shortlist of the hottest, hardest to get into bars and clubs (there are plenty of places […]
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