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Top 7 First Date Ideas, Encore Edition

It’s funny how, now that I have this blog, just about every conversation can be turned into a conversation about dating.  I’d just helped a friend move into a new apartment and we were sitting and talking about a great bakery/coffee place just a couple of blocks from his new place.  As an addendum to […]

Another New Beginning

I just couldn’t leave well enough alone (when can I ever?). Things are going well here.  At least, I think they are.  But as well as things are going here, I’ve been feeling a little restless.  Like I was missing out on stuff.  For starters, I miss the Best Date Spots posts I used to […]
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Hiatus + other stuff

I’ve decided to put Best Date Spots on hiatus.  At least for this week.  Maybe more.  I love NYC and I love writing about cool places to go here (although truth be told, I’ll never give up my top 3 favorite places for fear that they’ll become even more crowded).  But I’m just not feeling […]
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Sangria Makes It Better

As I mentioned, I had a date with a very dull man last night.  Lucky for me, he picked a great place for us to meet.  Someplace that would never have occured to me, before.  But it was such a good choice that I’ve decided it belongs on my Best Date Spots list. At 70th […]
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Yes, I’d Like Fries With That

I outed myself last week, on my 7 things I love list.  I am a serious french-fry-a-holic.  I could easily live off of nothing but fries for the rest of my life. Now, just a quick aside.  I’ve lived in the UK and can very quickly shift gears and go on and on about my […]