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Conflict – phobe

People look at me and assume that at 41 and single I must be a commitment-phobe. But it’s just the opposite. I have no issues with commitment. I just can’t tolerate conflict.  Alas, one doesn’t come without the other. Last night I was pondering my situation. And all of sudden I heard (coming from somewhere […]

Quick Rant: I’m Not “Mrs.”

I’m on the phone right now. With a customer service person. I’m sure she’s a perfectly lovely person (somewhere in the midwest, based on her accent, not that that matters). After spending so much time home, while sick, I got really sick and tired of looking around at my crappy apartment. So as soon as […]

Trust. It Really Isn’t That Hard.

I’d left a message for my doctor. It wasn’t urgent. I just needed to talk with her about some new side effects I’m struggling with from the new new drugs. Fun fun. Anyway, I didn’t recognize the voice of the woman who answered the phone, which was weird. I’ve been a patient at that practice […]

After the War

Just because I’ve been kinda out of commission lately doesn’t mean I haven’t mean paying attention to the world around me. OK, well… the truth is I’ve been paying very selective attention. Less energy has meant getting picky about these things and one of the first things to go was, funny enough, social media. Not […]

6 Weeks

I’ve had a rough 6 weeks. Understatement. I’ve had a really crappy six weeks. And although it makes me feel kinda queasy, I want to share the why behind it, in the hopes that some people can relate, identify, whatever. Because I know that sometimes I feel very alone in this shit. As any regular […]