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Forget About Cougars

I spend way too much time online, reading blogs and on Twitter.  And every day I must see about a dozen references to cougars.  They make me laugh, because that’s not really a category that’s relevant to me or anyone I know. I’m more worried about piranhas. I hope you’ll give me some leeway here […]
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Alright, Already

Enough with the whining and the moaning.  No one wants to hear it. I’ve decided that maybe the best way to handle this crisis is to handle it the way I’ve handled similar crisises in the past (no, not get drunk and sleep with the first gorgeous but inappropriate man who seems convenient, although that […]
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Forgive Me As I Overshare

Today is my last day at my current job.  I found out that I was being let go on Thursday (and wrote about it then).  I’m not heartbroken about leaving the job, but I am scared shitless about my future.  I have lots of ideas about how things might work out.  And, truth is, this […]

I Could’ve Predicted It

I gotta stop second guessing myself. I know why I’m doing it – years of failed relationships, a sense that my traditional “type” is actually really bad for me, this nagging sense that if I just do things differently than I normally would then maybe I’d get different results.  All good reasons.  But it’s leading […]
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Brain Damage

All day long I’ve been screwing up meeting and appointments.  Pretty much since the first thing this morning. I just couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that today was the 8th (Well, as I probably won’t get this out til the 9th, technically, yesterday was the 8th.). Anyway… I thought I’d survived the day […]
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