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Are Men Regressing? Redux

I caught a lot of flack for the post Are Men Regressing? (Ah hell, I’ve just been catching a lot of flack lately.  I’m not giving advice people, just telling you about MY life.  I’m not suggesting you live by my rules.  What, exactly, is so irksome about that?).  Anyway, after a while I decided […]

Are Men Regressing?

So my phone rang at 7:45 tonight.  It was the guy I thought I had a date with tonight (or last night).  I didn’t answer. The message he left me was kinda funny.  He was upbeat and enthusiastic and said how much he was looking forward to our next date.  And he wanted to know […]
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Early Next Week?

I’m going to be sitting home tonight.  Or maybe not.  Maybe I’ll head out and do something with a friend.  What I won’t be is out on a date. Even though I thought I had one for tonight.  Or maybe it was last night? Late last week I received a text from the guy I […]
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Not a Big Fan

My regular readers know that sometimes people will give me ideas for things to write about.  I keep those ideas in a “good idea file” and get to them when I can. One of these was to write a rebuttal to a very silly article in (are there articles in AskMen that aren’t very […]
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History Will Not Repeat Itself

I’ve never really talked about this here, or maybe I have but it’s been in dribs and drabs.  I guess I’ve been talking around it. I have a really bad history with a certain type of man.  Actually, ‘really bad’ might be an understatement. Tragic. Pathetic. Appalling. And I guess one of the reasons that […]
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