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Speaking of Lies

But first, just to state the obvious, I’m a woman. A heterosexual woman. And so my dating and relationship experiences are all with guys. So when I tell a story (and talk unfavorably about a specific thing some guy did), I am not implying that only men are guilty of a type of behavior. And […]

Warts and All?

Warning: It’s been a few days/nights since I’ve slept. When I say I haven’t slept, I mean, I haven’t slept. Not, not well. Last night, since I was so sleep deprived, I stopped work at 7pm (really early for me) and went to bed at 10. I tossed and turned and listened to podcasts until about […]

Thoughts for the Week

Somehow, I managed to learn a few things this week.  Well, learn might be too strong a word.  But I’ve thought about stuff, stuff has happened, and I feel good about it. 1) I never did hear from Mr. 3 Dates and it’s pretty certain at this point I never will. Oh well. I guess […]

You Don’t Look a Day Over…

It would be wrong of me to not mention the fact that I’ve been on a little unscheduled hiatus.  I’ve been here, in my apt.  Just not feeling very well. Now, let’s get back to things… Not too long ago, I arrived late to a party to find a friend of mine trapped in an […]

I Needed a Laugh

Today’s post is a rerun. Sorry, I’ve done that a few times lately… I’m not able to write/haven’t been able to. When I thought of what I wanted to do about it, I thought I might skip today. And then I decided that since I needed a laugh, I’d repost something funny. But I Have […]
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