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We’ll Always Have Paris

Stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before. Sorry, sometimes I can’t help myself. But seriously, I’m pretty sure I’ve never told this story here, and apologize if I have. My memory really is for shit. Yesterday’s post, got me to thinking about this. It was the early 90s and I was living […]

I am my own worst enemy

I’m still home, sick, exhausted and sick of being sick and exhausted.  It’s now clear to me and just about everyone I know that my own behavior over the past few weeks has caused this illness to be much, much worse than it would have been otherwise. I didn’t go to the doctor soon enough. […]

And So Now (I Guess) I Need to Unfriend Him

I have limits. Real limits. As in, there is a limit to how much I can deal with at one time. So if a bunch of family or health or business stuff is stressing me out (or all 3) I just CAN’T deal with anything else. The dishes don’t get done, the laundry piles up, […]

My Energy Needs a Sex Change

So, first a few quick facts. 1) I actually like online dating (this should not be news to anyone who’s read this blog more than 2 or 3 times). I think it’s an easy way to meet new guys. I don’t think it’s stressful, nor do I feel my self-esteem being battered away by the […]

Probably Not the Smartest Thing to Include in a Text (to a Girl)

It’s a rainy Monday morning, hence the perfect time to kvetch. I’ve written (many times) before about how much I hate dating by text. Most recently here. If a guy isn’t into long chats on the phone, that’s cool with me because neither am I. In fact, it’s kind of an issue when a guy […]