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So, a not so funny thing happened to me on a date this weekend.  It was a second date with this guy. We were talking. Having a really nice conversation. And all of sudden my eyes welled up with tears. I worked hard to fight them back, so maybe he didn’t notice. If he did […]

Giving Up is Hard to Do

But first, because I can’t help myself I know that many of my readers are way too young to get the reference, but it’s one of those random songs from my childhood, forever playing on the oldies station in my head. So yeah, breaking up is hard to do. But for me, giving up is […]

What Women Want

Dress up anything in the guise of scientific research, and I’ll read about it. ANYTHING. Including crap like, Study Reveals Once and For All What Women Find Attractive (and thank you Jezebel for finding this stuff for me). I’m not going to paraphrase the Jezebel post. There’s no point to that. Here’s the one-liner: the latest […]

You Can’t Have it All

Piling onto this conversation a week late, but… sometimes I just can’t help myself. About that New York Magazine feature story: How the Pill Changed the World, that had so many smart folk talking last week: Besides the fact that it was somewhat inaccurate, derivative and kinda insulting, it also seemed to miss the point. […]

Some Lipstick Would Help

A couple of days ago I found myself accidently flirting with a man in the drugstore. I hadn’t planned it. Seriously. If I had, I would’ve been dressed better and wearing some make-up.  Lipstick at the very least. But no, I’d just wandered in on my way home from a lunch meeting.  An informal lunch […]