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But first a musical interlude. Sorry, certain words and phrases just get me humming. Now to the topic at hand. I need some help. As I’ve written about a few times, I’m going to be moving the blog. I’ve been planning the move for a while, but because of other stuff it keeps getting put […]
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Happiness + Time

As some of you know, I also have a tumblr blog (there’s a link to it on my header). I don’t post there often. I’m kinda a tumblr slacker. But I love the platform. The other day I was trying to catch up on my tumblr browsing (something I’ll never do) and I read this […]
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The Best Question

I was out the other night with a friend and for the most part we were talking about work stuff. I’ve hit a bit of a crossroads with my work and she was gracious enough to offer to listen to me talk about it for a while. I’m one of those people who likes to […]
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Merry Chrismukkah

I’m taking the day off today (well, kinda). I hope you have a wonderful holiday, however you choose to spend it. No tags for this post.
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Yeah, OK, There’s Stuff I’m Leaving Out

I’m trying to be as honest, and helpful, as I can be with this How To Find a Great F*Buddy Series. I didn’t just want to give you a neat little list, but rather show you just how long and hard a path it was for me. I’m hoping that each post has a lesson […]