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Quick Dispatch from Online Dating Land

A few weird things I’ve been musing about this afternoon (as I try to convince myself that it’s not too cold to go outside and run my long list of errands): A guy sends me a message a few days ago. He says that he knows that I wouldn’t be interested in him (and then […]
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The Game Is On

So we’re now a few days into our little matchmaking game/experiment and I think that both Lucky Girl and I are starting to feel it. It’s a very different thing, looking for a guy a friend might like vs. looking for a guy for yourself. For starters, I find I have higher standards for her […]
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The Crazy Bitch in the Mirror

I’ll admit it. I’ve been that crazy girlfriend. You know, the one who calls and leaves a few too many voicemails (and texts and emails). Who asks, in a peak of frenzy, “why haven’t you called me back” in her 10th message of the day. The batshit crazy girlfriend, like the one we all laughed […]
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An Email to a Friend

I was exchanging emails last night with a friend. Someone who, like me, tends to be a little hard on herself. Which is ridiculous because she’s an amazing person and a wonderful writer. Both she and I have been down on ourselves lately because we haven’t accomplished everything we thought we would. You know, when […]
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Hello New Decade

I’m sitting here in my apartment, listening to some of my favorite music (Rickie Lee Jones, right this second), watching the snow fall intermittently and thinking about the fact that another decade of my life is more or less over. It’s hard to focus on anything else. This is not the post I was scheduled […]
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