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“If I had to be married to have sex, I would probably be married, as would every guy I know.”

So, one of the many cool things I saw/read via twitter yesterday was this article in YourTango, 5 Reasons We’re Marrying After 30.  30, I guess, is considered “old” by lots of people and  the current average age of people getting married is 27.1 for men and 25.3. I gotta be honest, those numbers seem […]

93% is Really High

I had a date tonight.  It was my first “real” date in about two months, I think.  I’m not exactly sure about how long it’s been, I guess I could check the blog archives and come up with an exact date.  And there has certainly been some date-like activity (but that’s so another story and […]

It’s Only Dating…

OK first. This blog is seriously pissing me off. I had a poll written for today. But I can’t make it look or be the way I want. I guess that’s going to be the next big thing on my “to do” list (it’s a long fuckin list). Sorry, this move is just so stressful. […]

Sex OR Dating in the City

I’ve been pretty dull lately.  All work and stress and blog blah blah blah.  I know.  It’s pathetic. So I’m gonna take a big deep breath and try to block everything out, all of the stress and my phone bzzing every 2 minutes and the twelve things I was supposed to do today and didn’t […]

I’ve Become THAT Person

So one day last week I received a message in my online dating message box that addressed me by name.  It confused me because it wasn’t a reply and I couldn’t find any other messages from the man in question.  And while my pictures are very recent and do, indeed, look like me (they are […]