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A Change of Scenery

As I mentioned recently, I haven’t been doing too well on Still getting attention from guys in their 20s, 50s and 60s, but not so much from the men in their late 30s and 40s  - the ones I’d want to date. Things are different over on OkCupid. There are still plenty of candidates, […]

Someone to Hold My Hair When I Puke

Pretty image, I know. OK, somewhere in the mess of old posts (I’m still trying to get those under control, delete duplicates and clean up dead links/find the correct links – and yeah today was my deadline and YES I know that means I’m officially missing my deadline) is something I wrote a while ago […]

The Dating Game Update: Not Winning/Not Losing

Earlier this month I wrote a couple of times about a game, an experiment, I was trying with Lucky Girl.  I haven’t mentioned it in a while though, and there’s a reason for that. It went really poorly. At first it was fun, looking at guys’ profiles for someone else.  I’d send her a bunch […]

Patience. Yeah, That.

Observant readers will have noticed that my blog looks different today than it did a couple of days ago. Columns have shifted, pages have disappeared, fonts have changed. But please, don’t get too used to the way it looks today.  It’s still in transition. There are plenty of changes to come. And yes, this is […]

How Long Is Too Long?

This week’s poll was inspired by, well stolen from Starangel82. With her permission, of course. You can see the original here. She’d met a man online and they’d been chatting and she quite liked him.  And was ready for him to ask her out.  More than ready. And it’s been her experience that men don’t […]