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Catching My Breath

I went to bed early last night and stayed in bed until 10:30 this morning (early, for me, is midnight in case you were wondering). This is pretty damn noteworthy. I haven’t been sleeping much lately and that’s been an issue. I’ve been kinda grouchy and sad. I haven’t been sleeping because I’ve been stressed […]

The Power of Language

I’ve been unusually mum about the whole Marry Him drama.  There’s one main reason for this.  I haven’t read the damn book, yet. I’ve been insanely busy lately and truthfully, if I were going to make time to read (which sadly I haven’t had time to do in weeks) I would read something for pleasure. […]

It Was Worth It

Short, late post this morning because I fell asleep late last night at my computer (seriously, I feel asleep with my laptop open, on my lap, hunched over).  I’m not a cheerful little worker bee today and I have an insane amount of work to do. So yesterday, after meeting about a bunch of work-ish […]

Something in Common

I love statistics (a fact I’ve mentioned before). I love data and charts and graphs and polls.  Hence the weekly polls and my fascination with things likes demographic trends and representative samples. So imagine my delight when I got an email with all of this (silly) poll data from  I nearly jumped for joy. […]

#MatchKit – A Valentine’s Day Giveaway

As I mentioned earlier today, I’m going to be doing some fun things with The first of these is a special Valentine’s Day giveaway. The prize is something they’re calling the Love Kit which is designed specifically for the single guy/girl in pursuit of love this Valentine’s Day season. chocolates Manicure Kit/Shaving Kit (depending on […]