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My “Valentine’s Day Is OVER” Giveaway

Valentine’s Day is over and I couldn’t be happier.  Taking my happiness up a notch is the fact that I’ve teamed with one of my favorite websites, Cozy Wallet, to do a special Valentine’s Day is Over giveaway.  I don’t know about you, but after days/weeks of nothing but posts about Valentine’s Day, I’m celebrating […]

Rain Check?

“Does a rain check mean ‘yes, but later’ or ‘no’. Got one today and having a hell of a time figuring it out.” I received this question in a DM (private message on twitter) the other day and immediately knew I’d have to write a post about it. I didn’t realize, at the time, that […]

It Doesn’t Get Any Easier

I was at a friend’s 39th birthday party last night.  I told her “welcome to the club, it’s a good club”.  And I meant it.  39’s been a heck of a lot more interesting, so far, than 29 was.  And I’m eagerly looking forward to my 40th birthday in a few months. But as much […]

For F*cks Sake

Let’s start with a fact – I don’t like loose ends.  Now, you read this and think, “OK, no big deal.”  But I mean, I really don’t like loose ends.  I’m pathological about it.  This is not me bragging.  This is me admitting a pretty big flaw in my personality. I like to wrap things […]

And the Winner Is…

Remember that fun Valentine’s Day giveaway I was doing with In order to win, people had to answer the following question: If you had to choose one over the other (love vs. weight loss), which would you prefer and WHY? There were lots of great answers, and I had a hard time deciding which […]
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