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The Short Answer

It’s funny, I’m always so afraid to write the same stuff over and over, for fear of being repetitive. Well, I am repetitive. The subject matter I cover here on this blog is pretty narrow.  I try not to be too repetitive. Anyway, twice in the last week I’ve been specifically asked to talk about […]

“Getting My Act Together”????

Recently, as part of a comment about ending things with M, a reader mentioned that it sounded like I was getting my act together.  It was meant, I suppose, as a compliment. I’ve been thinking about it ever since.  I guess I don’t see how telling M that he blew it was getting my act […]

Back to It – a Quick Online Dating Update

So I spent some this weekend cleaning up my online dating inboxes and actually searching through the hundreds of men who came up as my potential “matches”.  I sent out some emails, replied to some emails, and lo and behold, I hope I’m on my way to having a couple of dates this week. I gotta […]

My Ex-Lover is Dead

I didn’t need the whole week. Yesterday morning I woke up and knew. As much as I wanted to make things work with M, I couldn’t. M was saying all the right things, but nothing had actually changed. And I was never going to be willing to settle for what he had to offer. Never. […]


It was, I think, the last night we spent together in LA.  In the morning I’d be flying home to New York and then, a day later, M would be taking off for the first of two back to back business trips.  First, he’d be in Europe for a couple of weeks and then Miami […]