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The Dates that Weren’t (hahahaha)

I’m laughing at myself right now.  I thought I’d have 2 dates this week – a first date on Wednesday night and a second date (with Mr. Perfect on Paper) tonight. And I was all proud of myself for a) diving right back into my dating routine after that silliness with M and b) keeping […]

Online Dating… So Many Choices!

Recently I wrote about the only dating sites I’m currently using ( and chemistry) and why. But of course, that led to people sending me question about other sites. So, let’s just get it all out there (and hopefully people will dive in with their experiences in the comments). There are dozens of online dating […]

Can We Call It a Trend?

OK, let me start out by saying that until a couple of years ago I pretty much never read girly mags. Not that there’s anything wrong with them. I think they’re lots of fun. I just didn’t. I worked a gazillion hours a week (at my old career) and in my leisure time I read […]

My Rules of Attraction

A couple of days ago, Lucky Girl wrote a very smart post called My Rules of Attraction.  Her basic premise is that physical attraction is important.  Not the most important thing, but very important.  Here’s how she sums it up: “I think my point is that I can not think of an instance where I […]


Last week I got together with a couple of friends, LuckyGirl and JackfromBrooklyn, and since we all happen to be dating/relationship bloggers we talked a bit about relationship stuff.  One of the really smart things that came up in that conversation was that it was important to know and be able to tell the difference […]