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Speaking of GGG, On a Scale of 1-10…

In yesterday’s post I made reference to the phrase GGG and even joked about there being a GGG scale. I provided a link to the Urban Dictionary (my favorite reference source) so that folks who weren’t familiar with the phrase could get become so. But since GGG is the topic du jour: GGG stands for […]

But I Have Rope

So yesterday I mentioned a dinner party.  At some point in the evening we got to talking about online dating, I don’t remember how. Anyway, we shared stories of people who used old pictures, lied about their height – all the usual stuff. My story, I think, had them all beat.  It was a Saturday […]

Making Peace With Our Choices

First, I should probably warn you up-front that this will likely be one of my fuzzy brained posts. Not because I don’t know what I mean, but because I can’t grab onto the right words. The other night I was at a dinner party and listening to friends give another friend dating advice.  She, the […]

They Are the Real Truth

So yesterday I was replying to comments and I wrote something that was probably more true and important than anything in the post itself: I would never dream of making someone else completely responsible for my happiness, or my emotional well-being. There are things that our partners do to alter our happiness and stability, our […]


It was yesterday, I think.  I was cruising past my twitter stream and I saw a conversation in progress.  Jack from Brooklyn was saying something (smart) about the fact  that decent/real men shouldn’t need to make their women feel insecure.  That a strong man would be making the woman in his life feel strong. At […]