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“If he were a social worker he could still be an asshole…”

I was catching up with an old friend the other day.  She and I go way back to a job we had in the mid 90s, and have stayed in touch (and also worked together, again) since then. I was telling her about my upcoming 3rd date with Mr. Midwest (tonight) and that he was […]

Cheater, Cheater

One week 183 Total Votes No, 53% Yes, 47% This means that in all probability, approximately half the people reading this have cheated. Sure, the Nos win out with a slight majority. But only ever so slight. Looks like we had an awful lot of cheaters drop by in the last week (in case you’re curious, […]

“You Can Be Indecisive”

The other night I had the opportunity to attend a fun little event put together by the folks at  It started with an hour and a half of spa time (mini-spa stuff: manicures, quickie facials, hand massages) at BlissSpa for the women and then a singles mixer with some guys at the W.  It […]

Are You Satisfied?

I was thinking some more about Mr. Newlywed’s Story.  Mr. Newlywed says he’s happy.  In his words, “I love my wife. We will be together forever, have a house and kids and be very happy.”  He does not say he’s miserable or even unhappy, although he makes it clear that sexually he’s not at all […]

Speaking of Men Who Can’t Get it Up

There was no delicate way to start this post, so I figured I’d dive right in.  Last week YourTango posted Male Take: When He Can’t Get An Erection (smart post, you should read it if you haven’t already) and it jogged my memory about a post I meant to write ages ago. Two little stories, […]