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Anatomy of a Bad Date

I’ve been a little too overwhelmed with my life lately to keep up with my online dating stuff.  I know that someday soon I’m going to have to schedule a few hours to sit down and clear out the inboxes (Chemistry, especially, will take a lot of time). I’m not complaining.  It’s part of the […]

The Best Sex of Your Life Giveaway

I’ve got good news and bad news.  Good news first, I’m doing another giveaway and this time it’s with the fabulous folks over at  SheKnows worked together with Dan and Jennifer on The Best Sex of Your Life. From the press blurb: Featuring plenty of tips guaranteed to make you blush, you’ll learn to get […]


We’ve all got baggage. Wait, let me take that back.  I know I have a handful of young-ish readers.  Some of you might still be relatively baggage free. The rest of us, we’ve got baggage. Truth is, I don’t think I could respect a person who made it to 25 without collecting some baggage.  The […]

Empty Relationships, Kinda Like Empty Calories

Yesterday I wrote about a conversation I had with a friend about my ideal man (and not a single one of you mentioned the picture of a robot I used to go with the post – it was a joke people, my ideal man = robot, sheesh). One of the many other things we talked […]

My Ideal Man?

I was hanging out yesterday with one of my great guy friends.  It was a spectacular day in the city, and we spent the afternoon outdoors, walking and talking. At some point, out of the blue, he asked me what my ideal guy would be like. I answered with a sigh and a softly uttered, […]