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The Best Sex of Your Life Giveway – We Have a Winner

As promised, will be sending one of my lucky readers a copy of The Best Sex of Your Life. The winner of this giveaway is Sandyvs (and not just because she entered twice). Thanks to everyone for entering, and please keep playing.  I have several more giveaways coming up in the next few months. […]

The Modern-Day Stepford Wives?

First, a lesson:  never blog when you’re too tired to read. Baaaad idea. Please accept my apologies and this, my revised post/poll for today: So early last night I decided to turn on the TV, something I don’t often do unless there’s something specific I want to watch. I’m not sure what possessed me. The […]

OK With Being Number 2 (Get your minds out of the gutter)

I was listening, recently, to a story of a married couple that seems to have everything.  Health, wealth, kids – the whole nine yards.  And they’re even pretty damn happy.  The only little issue mucking up their perfect world is that the husband works a lot.  And, in truth, his career will always come first. […]

Maybe Not So Empty?

I had my 4th date with Mr. Midwest last night.  It was nice. Good.  Easy. Fun. Sorry, not feeling particularly articulate on the subject.  The truth is, I have absolutely no idea what to say.  We have fun together.  We enjoy each other’s company (well, I enjoy his company and he seems to enjoy my […]

Saturdays Off?

Observant readers might have noticed I’ve taken the last couple of Saturdays off.  This is not a new tradition for me. At least, that’s not the plan. Truth is, I hurt my hand a few weeks ago.  My right hand (and yeah, I’m right handed).  I’m still waiting for the doctors appt I made the […]