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Wrong Tense

I’ve been working on a post. My first one in a long while.  I’ve rewritten it a few times… and I just can’t seem to get it right. Here’s the thing, I stopped posting for a while because I kept thinking that tomorrow would be a better day. Tomorrow, I’d feel better. Tomorrow, the scale […]

Yes, I’m Really Excited About This

Weirdest intro ever. Just saying. In advance. I live in my head. OK. I live in a smallish one bedroom apartment in Manhattan. Alone. And I work at home. Alone. That’s my physical reality. But really, I live IN. MY. HEAD. All that alone time doesn’t spell loneliness. Not so much. I’ve mastered the alone […]

Second Adolescence

I’ve often joked that the recently separated/divorced men I’ve dated seem to be going through a second adolescence.  After years of marriage, they embrace their newfound freedoms and well… sometimes act like teenagers. But this post isn’t about them. Nope, this is about me and my own second  adolescence (or maybe it’s my 3rd or […]

Just One

It’s one of those things I do that make me cringe. I know it’s wrong. A horrible habit. A betrayal of everything I believe in. And yet it’s so deeply ingrained in my feeble little brain… When dining out alone, which I do pretty regularly, I can’t help but have the same conversation over and […]

You should listen to this

Some of you have probably already heard this, but just in case you missed it, I HAD to share. It’s that awesome. Just finished listening to Caitlin Moran on Fresh Air and now I’m downloading (I still buy paper books, too, but e-readers are awfully convenient) her book. Excerpt below. That is all. “In her […]