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I Should Be Ashamed of Myself

I’ve been an online dating asshole lately. A total asshole. Several times in the past few months, I’ve poked my head into the online dating world, started conversations with men, and then dropped back out. It was never my intention to end those conversations. Days would pass and I’d be thinking, I should really reply […]

Tastes like…

Some foods taste like my childhood (don’t worry, I’m not about to get all Proustian on you). I will forever be envious of people who grew up in ‘normal’ homes. With moms who cooked and families who ate dinner together. That was sooo not my experience. We ate a lot of fast food. And tv […]

and the Bad Dates…

I had a post all set and ready to go for today. It just needed a bit of polishing… And then I read The Big Girl Blog’s post this morning and she totally inspired me to write this. Her post was called, How to Deal with Rejection. An important topic for any dater (or human […]

People Want You to Be Who They Think You Are

I have this weird habit. When I overhear someone say something interesting, I text it to myself. So that I’ll remember. The results of which is a bizarre, completely nonsensical text conversation with myself, full of random snippets of other people’s conversations. Some of it is funny. And some it is seems like it could […]


The beach 5/19/2001 I’m away for the next few days.  I hope to come home refreshed and… well, refreshed. Tags: home