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Close Your Eyes and Think of England

Before I start today’s post, I’d like to kindly request that all of my IRL friends and acquaintances stop reading RIGHT NOW. Today’s post will provide a level of detail about my actual sex life that most definitely qualifies as TMI. I doubt that I could look any readers of this post in the eye, […]

What a Mess

Allow me to start today’s post with an embarrassing admission – as a person who’s been living alone for years, without a dishwasher, I sometimes leave dirty dishes in my sink overnight. Sometimes for more than one night. OK, frequently for more than a night. I know, gross. I scrape off the food and rinse […]

Bringer of Butterflies

Today’s guest post comes to us from the fabulous Princess Jones of The Bitch Blog.  You should absolutely go check it out! Bringer of Butterflies You know, if a 30 year old has been dating since she was fifteen with an average at least two relationships a year, that’s 30 boyfriends. And you also have […]

Nice is Just a 4-Letter Word

A thought: This Sunday’s Guy’s Story could have just easily been called, ” The Day I Learned I Couldn’t Be Nice to Boys.” And the story would have worked just as well if Christian had been a woman and the girl in the story had been a guy (or 2 guys, or 2 women…). People, […]

The Day I Learned I Couldn’t Be Nice To Women

We’re having a glorious weekend in NYC. Nearly perfect weather, if there is such a thing. But I wanted to take a few minutes away from my sun worship (with ample sunblock, of course) to share this fabulous new Guy’s Story with you. Today’s guest author is Christian Polanco, a comedian and podcaster who does […]