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Sex, Lies and Linklove

I’ve been collecting a long list of posts/topics to write about. And each day the list just gets longer and longer. And… the truth is, I’m still working my ass off to get caught up on work/writing from when I wasn’t feeling well. So, I just don’t have the time/energy to blog as much as […]

Mass Text = Despair

First, let me explain that title. I was tired of work and wanted to take a few minutes to finish up this post (I’d started it this weekend). But I needed help. And so I turned to my twitter friends. @SimoneGrant Help! My brain is tired… What’s it called when you send a text to […]

The People Who Believe Win, The Skeptics Lose

So now that I’m feeling better (hooray for feeling better) I’m trying to get out and resume a life. You  know, see people, do stuff. Yesterday I even went out to the movies (Captain America, it didn’t suck). I decided to walk part of the way home, as I’d eaten way too much (ok, after […]

This Says it All

I’m so far behind on life, that I didn’t even get around to popping in on PostSecret until this morning. I’m one of those crazy PostSecret fans who usually starts checking for new posts late on Saturday nights. I saw this and had to share. THIS is/was my greatest fear. That my identity would be […]


Life is full of misunderstandings. Hell, talk about an understatement! Not too long ago I listened, amused, as a much younger woman told a story of a man she kinda, sorta knew who made what she thought was a totally out of left field pass at her. She was shocked at what she thought was […]