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Lust in My Heart

Oh good god, here I go again. First off, my sincere apologies to my awesome fellow bloggers in the Insomnia Club. Weeks ago we’d agreed on a topic and a date for posting. And then I promptly forgot all about it. I suck. So the topic is LUST and I was supposed to post something […]

Not Boyfriend Material

So I had a fun-ish date last week. Ending with him saying how much he’d like to see me again. I won’t be seeing him again. Why? Because I’ve finally learned my lesson. Well.. this specific lesson. That, timing is everything. OK, maybe not everything. But a lot. It’s something I’ve said before. Timing is […]

Fresh Diet: (Still) Feeling Fresh For Fall

Old habits die hard. A leopard can’t change his spots. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks… What a load of crap. I am, and always have been, a carb addict. I was raised in a family of big people. We lived off junk food and processed everything. I’d love to blame my crappy […]

Bizarro Bimbo Bozo

YES! I’m back on schedule and that means today we have a guest post (I’m smiling so hard my face hurts). Today’s amazing guest author is Julie who blogs regularly at Dating Sure is a Whole Lot of What? Not! Bizarro Bimbo Bozo My plunging neckline is the first hint of how the evening will […]

Asshole Shields

You all know I’m old, right? Well, way back in the dark ages of the late 80s and early 90s it wasn’t all that cool for women to wear glasses. I mean, if you walked into a bar or club, you would see maybe 1 or 2 women in the whole place wearing them. As […]