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Sex or Laughter?

Hooray, I finally got my shit together to post a Guy’s Story. Seriously, I’ve had this one for a while, but didn’t want it to get lost in the shuffle of Labor Day weekend or 9/11 stuff.  This post comes to us from the awesome Christian Polanco.  Christian is a comedian and podcaster who does a cool podcast where […]

ATTN Women: Don’t Date This Man

Yeah, I’ve sucked at blogging lately. But that’s not what today’s post is about. And I apologize up front if I’ve already told bits and pieces of this story awhile ago. I honestly can’t recall. So I was reading (skimming) this story in Jezebel about the lawyer suing the site I have very mixed feelings about […]

Drs, Nurses and Silly Gender Stereotypes

Supershort post. A while ago I got an email from the folks at Klout asking me if I’d like one of their Klout Perks. Specifically, season 1 of some TV show I’d never heard of (no surprise there) called Rizzoli and Isles. I said, sure. Because, you know, why not? So anyway, a few days […]

The Monday after crying….

Like many of you, I spent some time crying yesterday. But also walking through the city I love and having brunch with friends. September 11th has been an especially emotional day for me since my mom died a few years ago, during this same week.  I start getting sad earlier in the week, and then […]

I Still Get to Say No

So a funny thing happens when you’re my age and still single, well many funny things… One of those funny things is that there lots are people who assume you should “stop being so picky.”  And that the reason I’m single is that I’ve been turning away perfectly good guys for random, frivolous reasons. Oh, […]