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Sake + Gummy Bears = Love?

Happy Sunday everyone. No matter what kind of weekend you’re having, I have a Guy’s Story that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Guaranteed! Today’s post comes from the awesome blogger behind Yes Mom…I’m Still Single.  Enjoy! Sake + Gummy Bears = Love?   If you’ve ever read my blog, you can probably […]

How About We Have Some FUN!!!

You want to know the #1 difference between and ALL those other online dating sites? It’s not the way it’s based on date ideas (which I love) or that it takes about 1/5th the amount of time to set up your profile (also awesome). Or even the fact that there seem to be fewer losers on […]

Quick Dating Update

So I have a date tonight. I haven’t been writing about my dating adventures lately. Not because I’m NOT dating (although I’m not dating MUCH, comparatively speaking). But because I’m just bored with it all. Not the dating. But the same old story. Girl meets boy. Most likely online. They go out on a date. […]

Vaginas Got Its Issues

The title of today’s post is a quote from comedian Carol Leifer, said during the WTF podcast (one of my faves, yes I have lots of favorite podcasts). She’s a hysterically funny and accomplished woman. And, like many women of her generation, she started out having relationships with men (including a marriage) and then ‘switched teams.’ […]

A Little Foreplay Goes a Long Way

As hard as I try, I usually have a bachelor’s fridge. Virtually empty but for leftovers, condiments and wine. I just can’t get the hang of the whole shopping and cooking for one thing. And maybe I never will. But like I said, I always have wine. I’m not a huge drinker nowadays, but I like […]