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Attraction is a funny thing. Well, funny might be the wrong word here. But I’m trying to curse less. I’m just constantly amused and amazed by human attraction. It’s WEIRD. Really fucking weird. OK, so much for cursing less. So here’s a little story about attraction (sloppy segue, sorry, I’m tired). I was out one […]

Back in Olden Days

I’m been thinking about this post for days. Trying to figure out how to frame it… Seems like everywhere I look there are posts about how BAD dating is. Not just online dating, but dating in general. I know some people who claim to have given up on it all together. I’ve certainly gone through […]

Bottoms Up

Good morning all and welcome to Thursday. I’ve got a guest post for you all the way from the London, from the fab blogger Katy_Red  of All Sweetness and Life. Bottoms Up I had a date a few nights ago with a man. He was tall, attractive, had a lovely smile and nice shoes. He was […]


One of things I hated about my old apartment was that one of my bedroom windows was approximately 5 feet from the window of my nearest neighbor. That meant that I pretty much always had to have the curtains closed. Except for when I didn’t. And then my neighbor saw me (and anyone else who […]

Smart Women Agree – Your Number Doesn’t Matter

Yeah, yeah, yeah – you are so sick of me on this topic already. I know. I’m sick of me on this topic already. What the hell am I talking about? Magic numbers. You know, the number of men you’ve slept with.  I’ve written about this several times. Most recently here. And as my regular readers might […]