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Dating and Blogging

Dating and blogging are a lot alike. Well in (at least) one weird way. I used to date a lot. And I used to blog a lot. Every day. Sometimes more than one post a day. But now that I haven’t been blogging regularly for the past month or so, the stakes seem higher.  I […]

Quick Thoughts on “Good on Paper”

Good on paper. It’s a phrase I’ve used dozens of times. And I’ve always assumed that you all know what I mean. It’s just one of those things. But let’s parse it for a quick second. Good on paper means if you were to make a list of this person’s attributes s/he would look impressive. […]

Great Guy, But a Cheating Liar

So, I’ve been sitting on this story for a long while. I didn’t want it to turn into a guessing game. Anyway… I met this guy. Not online. It was almost old-fashioned. He was a friend of a friend or something like that. Someone I was excited about meeting, at first. He was smart and […]

What Are You Afraid Of?

Commitment? Intimacy? Dying alone? Failure? Everyone’s afraid of something. Maybe more than one thing. Probably more than one thing. When you’re single, like me, you have a lot of people randomly accusing you of being afraid of commitment or intimacy. Maybe it’s not so random? And others who ask you, genuinely, if you’re afraid of […]

Diving Back In

Bizarre factoid I read over the weekend –  in any 48-hour period in 2010, more data was created than had been created by all of humanity in the past 30,000 years.   Deep breath. I just took a couple weeks off from blogging. From blogging and from my blog-related social media stuff, for the most part. It […]