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Happy Merry Christmukkah

I was taking another one of my lil hiatuses but I popped back in because I just HAD to share this.  They claim it’s from 1991 but it seems so much older. Like from another century. Happy merry Christmukkah and enjoy! via The Awl No tags for this post.

A Little Extra Happy in My Life

Some (ok..MANY) of my recent blog posts have been on the dark side. Full of sadness and frustration. Today is all about the happy. Tuesday I started to feel much, much better. And then Wednesday, I had the most beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered to my apartment by And that instantly put a smile […]

After the War

Just because I’ve been kinda out of commission lately doesn’t mean I haven’t mean paying attention to the world around me. OK, well… the truth is I’ve been paying very selective attention. Less energy has meant getting picky about these things and one of the first things to go was, funny enough, social media. Not […]

Not Dead Yet

Last night I found myself at a silly little crossroads. I received a notice that one of my dating-related accounts was up for renewal. Now, as you can imagine, I haven’t logged into any dating accounts in almost 2 months. A fact I feel bad about as I just disappeared on some guys mid-conversation. But… […]

6 Weeks

I’ve had a rough 6 weeks. Understatement. I’ve had a really crappy six weeks. And although it makes me feel kinda queasy, I want to share the why behind it, in the hopes that some people can relate, identify, whatever. Because I know that sometimes I feel very alone in this shit. As any regular […]