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Lower Standards

I don’t get out much anymore. I try. I make plans and then, well, half the time I’m unable to keep my plans. So I don’t make many plans…

One night last week, I made it out to a party, with a friend. We got there late… not that that matters to this story. We were there for about 5 minutes when the douchebags swept in. The guys every woman dreads. Drunk, arrogant and aggressive. You know the type. Nothing wrong with them physically. Actually not bad looking. Just assholes.

I was polite for as long as I could be, then escaped to a conversation with someone who didn’t make my skin crawl.

Sloppy segue, the whole time I was talking with the d-bags I was thinking of a This American Life episode from a while back. Some guy was talking about his experience of being single in NYC (in the context of a larger story). And he said something like, “Anyone can get laid in NYC. They just have to be at a bar at 4am and be willing to lower their standards.”

I remember thinking, it’s not that hard. No need to be at a bar at closing time.

But the second part, about lowering your standards? Yep.

So I stood there listening to d-bag number 1 brag about something and thought about that statement. Anyone can get laid. They just have to lower their standards.

I left early. Alone.

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