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Wrong Tense

I’ve been working on a post. My first one in a long while.  I’ve rewritten it a few times… and I just can’t seem to get it right. Here’s the thing, I stopped posting for a while because I kept thinking that tomorrow would be a better day. Tomorrow, I’d feel better. Tomorrow, the scale would tell me that I’d finally lost some weight. Tomorrow, I’d wake up with energy, clarity, passion and a head full of ideas.

But those good tomorrows never came. Each day seemed a lot like the last. It’s been a struggle. And as frustrated as I’ve been with myself (how dare my body do this to me?)I haven’t given up hope. Hope that things would improve and I’d be me again. Whatever that means.

I’ve been living in the wrong tense. Hope is a poor substitute for joy. I need to do better. #thatisall

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7 to “Wrong Tense”

  1. TheDiva says:

    Welcome Back! We all get lost, take a time out, wish for better tomorrows. It’s very human behavior. Just don’t forget to appreciate all else that you are – beautiful, smart, funny, talented and a dear friend to many.

    Try not to judge yourself so harshly and put so much pressure on yourself to “perform” :) You are amazing!


  2. No wise words. As always a cup if coffee and a smile.

  3. Simone Grant says:

    Thank you both for taking the time to read/comment on my little ramble/rant. I’m hanging in there. Just crazy mad at my body for not doing what I want and not quite mature enough to get over it. But I will. Eventually. Thanks so much for the support. It means more than you can imagine.

  4. sandyvs says:


    When my sons were younger, and my ex traveled a lot, I would always wait for him to come home in order for us to do things as a ‘family’. Well, most of the time when he got home he wanted to stay HOME, which was understandable for him, but frustrating for me. This made me not happy with MY life, because I was always waiting on someone else to make me happy.
    What did I do? I started doing ALL the things I wanted to do whenever they came up, whether he was home or not. What happened? I became a much happier person and HE started wanting to do things with us because we were having so much fun.
    My point is, don’t wait for another person or number on the scale to enjoy your life right now. Do the things you want to do or would do and you’ll become more accepting and happy with yourself just as you are. You know you’re much harder on yourself than anyone else is right? You would never look at a friend or boyfriend the way you’re judging yourself. Treat yourself as well as you would someone else.

  5. There are plenty more fish in the sea!

  6. Wil says:

    Simone, my worried one — fret not, muscle weighs more on a scale than flab. Next time you see a wince-inducing weight number, write it off as muscle. A sound mind in a sound body is bull. “A manipulated, tricked and lied-to mind in a sound body” is more like it. 😉 Inane example: my pants have been feeling tighter than Donald Trump’s lips around the waist. In a defeatist, fatalist mood, I gulped down chocolate biscuits of all kind for a week. Guess what? Those same pants require a belt now. If nonplussed about moving a limb, do like I did. Grab a broomstick, minus the broom, lie in bed and roll it up and down your problematic areas. In so doing, you slowly redistribute fat evenly across the whole area. Try and report back. OK, dahling? Chin up. :)
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  7. Dear Simone:

    I encourage you to “act” on those feelings and find small things to do independently. I bet a little sunshine in your day could help you open your mind to a new idea, a new direction, in general- a new opportunity to smile :) Good luck.