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Child-free. It’s one of those words that I just don’t feel comfortable using. Kinda like sex positive. It just doesn’t work for me.

So even when it’s the most appropriate word for what I’m thinking, I probably won’t use it. Because, it’s just tangled up/weighted down with so much other stuff.

Anyway, I’ve been intrigued to see a new crop of posts in Slate’s Double X about people who are child-free by choice. I feel like this is the next most logical media obsession, now that the thing is finally (I can dream) played out.  And I think it’ll be a more interesting topic for discussion. Especially as we live in a media culture that’s pretty damn pregnancy obsessed.

Not because choosing to not have a kid is better. But because choosing to not have a kid is a CHOICE that more people are making. A hard choice. One that goes against the grain of what we’re told we SHOULD DO.

Note: I’ve written my specific n0-babies-for-me story here. In case you care.





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3 to “Child-Free”

  1. Liz says:

    Hmmm, maybe the media obsession with dating grew from the fact that in the last couple of decades large numbers of women were remaining single longer. As it turns out, lots of those women ended up childless/childfree, leading to media obsession #2. I’ve been writing about some of this at I do find that I’m less interested in writing about dates gone wrong at this point (after two decades of ’em) and more about the implications of constructing a life off the usual family-life path.

  2. Perla says:


    Too many people just have kids, as it is nature who told us to. You have to choose consciously whether you want kids or not.


  3. Two of Us says:

    It’s better to not have a child if you don’t want one or if you’re not ready. No reason to bring a person into this world if you don’t want a child. They become your life!
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