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Hello, there. Yes, you. The one reading this and wondering who the hell is posting this….

My name is Dennis, and I live in San Diego. You’ve probably heard by now that Simone is taking a temporary hiatus from this blog. Well, I’m subbing in for the time being.

And in case you’re wondering how I managed to hijack Simone’s blog, we e-met via the blogosphere a few years ago, as I run my own group blog over at Musings on Life and Love. One thing we immediately had in common was that we both came up with our blog names without putting much thought into the process, started attracting a decent number of readers, and ended up getting stuck with something that’s not particularly original. So, for any aspiring bloggers out there, here’s my first lesson to you:

Think long and hard about your blog name. Really, think about it. And when you think you’ve finally come up with something catchy, write it down on a clean sheet of paper in solid, indelible ink. Once you’ve done that, crinkle up said sheet of paper and throw it out the window. For emphasis, see if you can get a passing vehicle to run over it.

Then, think long and hard some more. Take a few months if you have to. Just make sure you come up with something… timeless. Something that will still sound awesomrific 10 years from now. Don’t commit the blog equivalent of growing a mullet or crimping your hair, because there’s no worse feeling than believing you’re the embodiment of cool today, only to look back on your old photos and cringe years later.

Not gonna lie… that’s how I feel about Musings sometimes. Notice I’ve already shortened it to “Musings.” Shortening it makes me feel slightly better, actually. Like when I Sharpied the frosted tips out of my senior photos….

So yeah, I have my own blog. Check it out if you’d like. I also do some comedy writing over at Cracked, contribute dating and relationship advice at Dear Wendy, started a group dating advice site called LemonVibe, and basically just scurry around on the internet, trying to make as lasting an impression as I can. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to write more personal stories on here over the next few… well, for as long as Simone needs or is willing to tolerate my contributions.

And don’t worry, I’ll start writing about dating pretty soon. See you around, eh?



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