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Taking It One Day (or Workout) at a Time with Gaiam TV

Earlier this week I wrote about not having any New Year’s Resolutions, because I reject that story. That a new year brings rebirth and renewal. Fake beginnings and endings.

Here’s my story:  One day at a time. Life is what happens when you’re busy planning. And how you react to it. And all kinds of crazy crap has happened in the past year (like my spending most of November and December too sick to do much of anything, for example).

No fresh start just because the calendar says it’s 2012. Just me waking up every morning and doing the best I can. Every damn day.

I have lots of plans. Lots of goals. Last year I was able to grow my business, pretty significantly, but I feel like I’m slacking. Especially when it comes to some of my writing projects.

And then there’s my body. My broken-down 41-year old body. My body that’s been wrecked by sickness and meds (which are sometimes worse than the sickness). And too many days when I don’t sleep a wink.

Honestly, a New Year’s resolution to exercise more (even something easy like: workout 2 times a week) would just be another opportunity to fail. To feel bad about myself. And I don’t need another one of those. I’ve got a freakin black belt in feeling bad about myself.

So here’s what I can do, what I know can work for me –  find something I like and do it as often as feels right. One day at time. Simple, right?  No schedules, no rules. Just me doing what I can do. Work on getting my body back into a shape I can feel proud about. Get my cloths fitting better. Start to physically FEEL good, again.

I’ve found something that works, finally. Actually, it found me. That’s the way life works sometimes.  I started to look for a good way to practice at home a long while ago. Even invested a lot of money in privates, having a professional teacher come to my apartment to give me lessons once a week. But that was massively expensive (even at the discounted friends rate) and I had to cancel often on days when I wasn’t feeling well. And then I tried videos on youtube, hulu (too short and/or I couldn’t stand the commercials) and different channels and downloads… but had trouble finding instructors and routines that I liked. I was a practicing yogi for over 5 years before I got injured and stopped, so I know what I like and what feels good and can be pretty fussy…

Then, I got contacted by someone about trying Gaiam TV, a new streaming channel that’s available online, on smartphones and even on ROKU (love Roku) for just $9.95 per month.  I immediately got excited. Some of my first positive experiences with yoga were with Gaiam tapes (yes, TAPES, we’re talking pre-DVDs). I logged on and found DOZENS of hundreds of videos to try. So many with instructors that I already know and love (Rodney Yee has always been one of my faves) and many new ones to experiment with. All streaming right on my TV with Roku.

The 2 best things about it are  #1 I can’t get bored. Back when I was starting out with yoga videos, I’d buy one and do it over and over. And over. And I’d get bored with the routine. Sooo bored. With Gaiam TV I can do a different video each time I log on, just like going to a regular yoga class. Or like having a private instructor come to my home to work out with me. Awesome!

The #2 best thing about Gaiam TV is that I can workout with it whenever I want. It’s there for me all the time. So like yesterday, I did a morning workout. And I planned on doing that this morning. But then I woke up feeling icky so I didn’t. But I’ve scheduled some Gaiam TV time in this afternoon, and even picked out a video. And if for some reason I can’t do it, like a business call gets in the way, I’ll do a PM yoga class before bed. It’s like having a date with a workout buddy who ALWAYS wants to workout when you do.

Yes, I’m kinda in love with Gaiam TV and I’m not ashamed to admit it. And yes, right now I have a free pass to the site. But guess what… you can get your own free pass! Gaiam TV is offering a YOU a Free 10-day Trial, No Strings Attached!  You should be very excited.

I’ve been going on and on about yoga, because that’s the type of exercise that I like best. But I’d be totally short-changing the site if I didn’t tell you about all of the other cool things in the library. They have hundreds of other types of fitness videos – Jillian Michaels (scary lady), pilates classes, The Firm… Plus all kinds of documentaries and wellness videos. I’ll be honest, I haven’t gotten around to perusing any of those yet. I keep meaning to. They look cool.

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6 to “Taking It One Day (or Workout) at a Time with Gaiam TV”

  1. Charlotte says:

    I’m slightly obsessed with this Gaiam TV thing ever since I got my free trial, too. I actually look forward to going home and making a date with a different instructor each night (and Rodney Yee is one of my favorites, too).

    So glad you are enjoying it though I’m so sorry to hear you have been ill for the past few months. Sending many healing vibes your way, Simone.
    Charlotte recently posted..Find a New B.F.F. with Gaiam TV: A Fitness Buddy at your FingertipsMy Profile

  2. Do you think it would be better to space out all the sponsored posts amongst the bloggers? I only say that because having multiple bloggers promote the same service at the same time lessens the credibility of the review. I was actually intrigued by this company via your tweets but now feel less inclined to sign up for this trial now that I know you’re being paid to promote it.

    • Simone Grant says:

      I can’t speak to your larger question because it’s really not for me to say. Only that I turned down WAY more sponsorship opportunities than I accept, because I’ll only write about products that I’m interested in. Heck, I’ll only accept free trials of products than I’m fairly certain I’ll love. Gotta keep it honest!

    • HP says:

      Yeah I’ve noticed the same thing, a bunch of bloggers will promote the same item/service, within the same 48 hour period. Granted I do like reading dating blogs, so maybe that’s my bad, but still. It does lessen the credibility.

  3. Liz says:

    Since you’ve been posting less than usual lately (and believe me I’m totally empathetic about health issues), I had to go and start my own blog: