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Quick Rant: I’m Not “Mrs.”

I’m on the phone right now. With a customer service person. I’m sure she’s a perfectly lovely person (somewhere in the midwest, based on her accent, not that that matters).

After spending so much time home, while sick, I got really sick and tired of looking around at my crappy apartment. So as soon as I started to feel well enough I started to get really serious about decorating the place. Finally. And with that came a lot of returns. Because, for whatever reason, a good percentage of everything I ordered came damaged (or didn’t come at all).

Anyway, all that shopping and returning means lots of calls to customer service. I’m old school like that. I like to call and deal with these things. And over and over, I keep getting called Mrs.


It’s 2012 people. 2012. Why would anyone default assume that the female adult customer on the other end of the phone line is married? Sheesh. End of rant.

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3 to “Quick Rant: I’m Not “Mrs.””

  1. Nikki B. says:

    I never want to be referred to as “Mrs”. Ever. Eventually, you will be required to call me “Dr.” but never that extra rrrr sound. Even if I actually get married one day.
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  2. Mrs! I hate it. Would madam be better? Or how about Ms?

  3. Katie Martin says:

    I know exactly what you mean! I feel like between my bank issues and medical issues I am on the phone with operators and customer service people all the time, and they often times will say Mrs. Why is Ms. not their default until they are sure?! Or better yet, why can’t women have the same option as men where it is always one option (Mr.), and it doesn’t have to matter if you’re married? It’s the little things, but oh man, it definitely bothers me too. Nice rant.