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Not Dead Yet

Last night I found myself at a silly little crossroads. I received a notice that one of my -related accounts was up for renewal. Now, as you can imagine, I haven’t logged into any accounts in almost 2 months. A fact I feel bad about as I just disappeared on some guys mid-conversation. But… I was and the last thing on my mind was dating.

So last night I had a decision to make. Do I just opt out for a little longer?  Or renew with the idea that it would push me to get back into things?

I chose the latter.

I’m still not physically up to dating. Hell, today I had a mini-celebration because I took a lunchtime walk around the block. But I WANT to be up to dating soon. I want to date. I miss guys.  I don’t necessarily miss all the bullshit that goes with dating. But I miss the company of men. The flirting and the potential of more.

So I renewed. And maybe, hopefully, sometime very soon I’ll login and send apologies to those guys I disappeared on. And maybe find some new prospects.

I’m not dead yet.


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2 to “Not Dead Yet”

  1. Roxanne says:

    I’m glad you’re hanging around. Funny how these arbitrary deadlines push us to make real decisions.
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  2. sandyvs says:

    Never say die! Good for you. Sometimes a break or a vacation is just what you need to recharge or get a new perspective on things. Hope this one does that for you!