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Dating and Blogging

Dating and blogging are a lot alike. Well in (at least) one weird way. I used to date a lot. And I used to blog a lot. Every day. Sometimes more than one post a day.

But now that I haven’t been blogging regularly for the past month or so, the stakes seem higher.  I sit down to write, work on a post and think, This isn’t good enough.  I can’t publish this crap. But what I’m writing is probably no worse than the crap I wrote every day for the past few years.  It just seems like a bigger deal now. Now that I’m out of practice.

The same with dating. When I’m dating a lot, going out with 2 or 3 guys a week, I’m super-flexible about who I’ll go out with. It’s fun and good and whatever happens happens. It’s not that I’m a player. I’ve never been a player. Hell, I’m not even sure I know what that word means. It’s just that I’m smart enough to know how stupid I am about men. And so I know that I have no idea who I might fall for, who might be right for me and am willing to take a change on all types of guys.  So that’s meant, in the past, lots of dates in the hopes of meeting someone I clicked with.

But when I haven’t dated in a while, like now, I pick over the prospects and make a big fuss over it. As if each date is a big freaking deal. Even though I know, KNOW, that it’s only a silly date.

Not sure if this makes any sense. But it’s what I’ve been thinking about and I wanted to make myself publish something. Because, really, it’s not such a big deal.


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8 to “Dating and Blogging”

  1. I have been doing the EXACT same thing both with blogging and dating. The amount of angst I have over both is insanity and the less I do of either, the more stressed I’ve become. I was just thinking about this this morning as I was pondering ways to get out of a date with a guy who has been very persistent about wanting to take me out. I was wondering why I am being so darn reluctant. It is like one hour of my life, it can’t possibly be worth this much effort. In short, I need to take both dating and blogging a lot less seriously bc heck, they are supposed to be fun.

    Cali Bradshaw recently posted..Taking it Slow vs Taking it NowhereMy Profile

    • Peter Menu says:

      Blogging and dating are indeed very similar. Both are wys to express yourself and feel better. I think. A blog is a way to share your ideas with others and maybe also hoping they will share your views. Dating is searching for a compatible lifeform 😉 that shares your ideas, most of the time.
      Yes ?

  2. Simone says:

    I’m the same with blogging – If I haven’t written in a while I totally psych myself out & start thinking that I MUST write a post that is totally amazing. I’m trying to get over that and go with the “sometimes you just have to write..anything” mentally just so that I can stay in the loop (because I find the more I write, the easier it comes)
    Simone recently posted..I Think My Family Needs their Own SitcomMy Profile

  3. Sometimes – when you don’t feel well, it is hard to get motivated to write things that are fun and elective. It isn’t crap that you write- but you can believe that if you wish.

  4. Truth is, it’s not just dating and blogging this applies to, but pretty much everything in life when you think about it. Leave something for a while and you have to concentrate hard to get your brain in gear again — do it regularly and it’s a breeze. However, it does give you pause to think what you want out of dating…

  5. Betty says:

    Yep, same with me. It’s like stage fright. It wares off once you get into the swing of things but once you fall out of practice you get butterflies all over again! But at least it keeps things exciting :)
    Betty recently posted..Parking in The Friend ZoneMy Profile

  6. Nikki B. says:

    The most difficult thing for me is to write when I’m not feeling it – and then there are days when the post just flows right onto the, uh, virtual page.

    I am sure it’s the same with dating – but I don’t really date that much, let’s be honest.

    Do what you feel. See what happens. Maybe a new rhythm will emerge for you.
    Nikki B. recently posted..Tree Hugger Tuesday: Ho Ho Ho! Be a Holiday Hero & Skip the Mall!My Profile

  7. Theresa says:

    I thought on your article for a while and realized that it is so true. I date and I write to feel better. But sometimes i don’t want both. A feeling to write or date is what needed.