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How About We Have Some Fun (Part Deux)

How About We Have Some Fun (Part Deux) sponsored post  bpbd v3 mc blk org 1 3 natl 300x250So remember when I gushed about the dating site and told you about my upcoming date? It was quick, easy, painless and I was totally looking forward to it!

Well, the best laid plans…

I’d met this guy on and we quickly hit it off (he liked my date suggestion, I liked his, and we made plans for that coming Sunday just a few days away). Then he turned into Jerky McJerky – he blew off our date. We’d had set plans, time/place, and plans to call/text that morning to confirm. And then he disappeared. I heard from him a few days later, with no explanation. No, I’m not making other plans with him.

Whatever, one bad apple doesn’t spoil the lot. Or something like that. It wasn’t long before I had plans with another awesome seeming guy to go out and do the same thing/same place.

Maybe not the smartest idea, as I’m starting to think that date idea is jinxed.

We (both) ran into scheduling issues. Which caused us to reschedule. A few times. And eventually scrap that date and just grab a drink at a place that we both happen to like a lot.

And it was a VERY NICE date. We talked, we laughed… all the good stuff. I received a text from him just a couple of hours later, asking me if I’d like to go our again. And I said yes.

Not sure what we’re going to do. Although I’m pretty sure I know what we’re NOT going to do.

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  1. I believe that it should not stop with one bad date. :)
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