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How About We Have Some FUN!!!

You want to know the #1 difference between and ALL those other  sites? It’s not the way it’s based on date ideas (which I love) or that it takes about 1/5th the amount of time to set up your profile (also awesome). Or even the fact that there seem to be fewer losers on

Nope, it’s that for the first time in eons I actually get to feel GOOD about the whole online process.

Yep, at 41 I feel a little like a kid in a candy store. I’ve got possibilities. Lots of amazing possibilities.

No skimming through an inbox of hideous pictures (shirtless men, scary bathroom mirror pics, ancient headshots) and poorly written notes that leave me feeling nauseous. No weeks of inane messages back and forth to see if the guy is actually interested in getting together. No messages from guys who live halfway across the country telling me that they’re sure they’re my soulmate if only I’d give them a try. No wasting time!

On I know, with relative certainty, that every guy who messages me actually wants to get together. And there are LOTS of them. Attractive, age-appropriate men who want to get together with a petite, independent 41-year old woman. For a fun date. Soon.

Kid in a candy store.

I invested less than 15 minutes in emails to set up a date for this Sunday.15 minutes!!! And we’re doing something I’ve been looking forward to doing (an art-y thing). So even if the guy’s a dick, I’ll probably have fun. Win-win.

Here’s another win-win –​  is offering a one month free trial to my read­ers, fans and fol­low­ers.Just use the discount code: FallDating.



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2 to “How About We Have Some FUN!!!”

  1. Well, you’re making it sound not as painful as the others.

    If he would just pin a note on his shirt…that would make it so much easier.

    Carrie – A Sassy Redhead recently posted..Oh, Mother…My Profile

  2. OriginalSin says:

    Dating should be less about matching outward circumstances than meeting your inner necessity.
    OriginalSin recently posted..Simon J. – 40y.o. Cygnet (Australia)My Profile