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A Little Foreplay Goes a Long Way

As hard as I try, I usually have a bachelor’s fridge. Virtually empty but for leftovers, condiments and . I just can’t get the hang of the whole shopping and cooking for one thing. And maybe I never will.

But like I said, I always have wine. I’m not a huge drinker nowadays, but I like a nice glass (or 2) of wine. So I make sure to keep a few bottles of the good-ish stuff on hand.

Might not have milk, sugar or toilet paper. But I have wine, dammit. Good wine. Red, white and something bubbly, too, in case there’s something to celebrate.

Speaking of white wine…

I’m a very lucky girl. The awesome folks at  Naked Winery sent me a bottle of their Foreplay Chardonnay. Besides having the bestest name ever, it’s also the kind of crisp, clean white that I love!  The tasting notes say it’s bright and fruity with hints of green apple and the finish is dry and toasty AND that it’s good with lightly smoked oysters. YUM!

I haven’t opened it yet. I’m saving it for later in the week, as I have a couple of dates that I’m looking forward to. And frankly, this is the kind of treat that deserves to be shared. I may even cook and use a (tiny) bit of the wine for the sauce.

You’re lucky, too, because the folks at Naked Winery are offering 30% discount on all purchases of their Foreplay Chardonnay product. Just Use Discount Code: single.



2 to “A Little Foreplay Goes a Long Way”

  1. IntrigueMe says:

    Yumm! I love wine, and I believe I’ve tried some of theirs before. I just wish the coupon codes didn’t always make me feel so pathetic!
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  2. Jakob says:

    Yeah wine is dope, I dont use that, thats no sport…