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Drs, Nurses and Silly Gender Stereotypes

Supershort post.

A while ago I got an email from the folks at Klout asking me if I’d like one of their Klout Perks. Specifically, season 1 of some TV show I’d never heard of (no surprise there) called Rizzoli and Isles. I said, sure. Because, you know, why not?

So anyway, a few days ago I couldn’t sleep and was bored with my podcasts so I popped the DVD in. Figured I’d check it out. And it was a fun-ish show. Something I could kinda get into. But then I watched this episode that had one of the characters set up the other on a date with someone in a ‘medical profession.’ The other assumed he was doctor and was pissed as hell when she found he was a nurse.

Because a male nurse isn’t macho enough? WTF?

I get it. It’s TV and TV trades in cheap gender stereotypes. But it really annoyed the hell out of me.

I would so much rather date a nurse than a doctor. In fact, doctors are on my list of undateables.* No, it’s not a hard and fast list and I’m sure I’d make an exception if I met someone and found myself attracted to him and then found out he was a dr. But usually dr = turnoff for me.

Whereas if I heard nurse…

Whatever, I was just annoyed that a show that seemed to want to defy gender stereotypes about women was making such a clumsy one about men.

Crazy week for me. I hope to squeeze out a real post tomorrow.

* Even though I know some awesome people who are doctors, my dating/romantic experience with docs has been THAT unpleasant.


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4 to “Drs, Nurses and Silly Gender Stereotypes”

  1. Sandy says:

    i’ve been meaning to check that show out to see how it treats the female attorneys. (they’re attorneys right?) beyond the problem with stereotyping men, the example you point out also stereotypes women as money, status-chasing creatures. i’m an attorney and my husband is underemployed (i hate that term), and the comments i get about being a sugar mama are infuriating. it’s like there’s something wrong with our relationship because he’s not a doctor or something wrong with me for not being with somebody in an equally lucritive/respected profession.
    Sandy recently posted..It Was Inevitable That I Was Going To Write About ThisMy Profile

    • Simone Grant says:

      Actually, one character is a cop and the other is a medical examiner and I have to say the class/money issue didn’t seem to come into play. It was very much a masculine/macho/dominance thing. Which, from my view, is just a crappy. Although I agree with you that it really stinks how women are so constantly portrayed as status-obsessed.

      The women in the show are actual shown to be relatively fully-realized. Focused on their careers, not obsessed with men but occasionally involved, with actual families. But this thing really annoyed me.

  2. Caitie says:

    I’ve been following your blog for a few months and I have never left a comment…until now! I am a nurse and my partner(male) is a nurse. He is the most amazing guy I have ever been with! I am truly lucky to have him in my life. He loves his job and is confident in his profession as a nurse.
    I haven’t seen the show and most likely never will. It is pretty pathetic to hear that this TV show is still writing scripts like this one.

    • Simone Grant says:

      First off, thanks so much for reading and commenting. I was really put off. A show that works so hard to show women as strong and independent could/should do better. I know it’s only TV but…