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It’s Not Rocket Science

Welcome back everyone. Damn, it was nice having a few days off!

I spent one of those days hanging out with a girlfriend. And, in addition to drinking beer, eating yummy fried food and watching football (that’s what lazy Sundays are made for, am I right?) we chatted a bit about recent . She prefaced her story by saying, “You can write about this.” And so…

She was invited out, for (and whatever else might happen after ) by a guy she’s known for a while. Not a boyfriend or someone she’s seriously dating. But someone she’s been casually seeing. So she put on a sexy little dress and met him out at a local bar.

At some point in the night he disappeared. She scouted him in the corner, chatting with a woman who he seemed to know. So she walked up and joined their conversation, not thinking much of it. Being friendly. Eventually the other woman walked away and the guy said, “that was my ex.”

And the night went downhill from there.

He got weird. And then weirder. He essentially disappeared on my friend. And after standing around and chatting with other people for a while, she decided she was tired (of his shit) and went home.

Skip ahead to later in the night. He calls her, drunk. Wanting to know what happened. So she told him, she left. At which point he begged her to come over to his place. Promising to make things up to her, buy her breakfast, whatever.


She said no.

Seems like a no brainer to me. You ask a person to meet you out – you should pay attention to that person. No need to be attached at the hip. But it’s NOT OK to take off for long stretches of time (especially if it’s to hang out with an ex, but that’s so another story). I don’t really believe in dating rules, but like I said this one’s a no brainer.

Sad/funny thing is, this guy started the night with a hot chick who was sure to go home with him and ended the night alone. Even sadder, dude was smarter than my Friday night date. Another story.



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8 to “It’s Not Rocket Science”

  1. Sam Sharpe says:

    This is so pathetic. I’m shaking my head so hard right now it’s threatening to fall off and bounce down the street. That man is a clown.

  2. themodernfemme says:

    Isn’t crazy when you see your ex randomly while you are out, small world!

  3. Liz says:

    tisk,tisk what a loser.. Yawn..NEXT!!!!!!!!

  4. Charlotte says:

    Ugh… is it sad that none of this surprises me anymore? I mean, it should… but I’ve just become so jaded to the dating scene lately. What a tool!
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  5. Kayle says:

    I feel sorry for him, since I know plenty of women (ex-) friends who have no idea who to do things like this and do get all callous about how it’s the invitees job to feel comfortable all by themselves or impose themselves on others. nobody is teaching social graces anymore, and as a result, some peoples’ natural low e.q. is overriding what used to be common sense.

    For the rest of us, we all go, at minimum: gee, what’s my date thinking right now. I hope they don’t get the wrong idea.” or at least “gee, I hope they’re enjoying themselves as much as I am. let me make sure that’s the case.” Many people who DO have feelings are just that out of touch with the concerns of others an only get all touchy when they’re on the receiving end. Of the reaction to their own insensitivity.

    I’m just glad these dates are shooting themselves in the foot. I think. I’m starting to wonder though, if those are the better men than the ones who do make women feel comfortable. Not that I enjoy ineptitude, but there are some clear categories I’m seeing. This guy Might be in the middle as opposed to the bottom.