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A Dollar and a Dream

So, it’s official, my is jinxed. After weeks (months) of off again/on again internet service I thought that it was finally fixed. The cable company had been out a couple of times recently, and even ran new lines on the roof.

Then this weekend the whole damn neighborhood lost service. Or a chunk of it.

Jinxed, I tell you!

Now, normally when the cable is down I work off my wireless hotspot. But yesterday that service crashed, too.


Luckily, I have awesome friends. I retreated to the cozy home of Jack from Brooklyn to work from there for the day. More tech glitches (grrr, silly computers) there, but I’m tired of my tech tales of woe.

Anyway, after we both worked longass days we went out for a walk and some groceries (I’d brought my yummy Fresh Diet lunch with me, but Jack hadn’t eaten all day).

We ended up in a store that was stocked full of foreign products. And lots and lots of foreign candy – one of my favorite things in the whole wide world.

I get giddy whenever I’m presented with rows of candies that I’ve never seen before. Especially if the wrappers are written in a language I don’t know. With zero clues as to what’s inside.

I was good. I only grabbed 3 different candies at the checkout. So I spent about $3. A buck each on the chance that each might be amazing. Maybe be the best thing I’ve ever tasted.

And if it wasn’t, if it was gross, I could just chuck it (for the record, I’ve tried 2 so far and they weren’t very good so they got chucked).

Jack joked that other people played the lottery. I buy strange candy. Which is an interesting way of looking at it.

The way I see it, I’ve got a much better shot of winning. Sure, the jackpot ain’t winning a million dollars. All I stand to win is a yummy candy discovery.

Hmm. I was sure there was a metaphor in this story when I started out. Something about risk and rewards. Or simple pleasures. And the fact that I’ll always be the one who rushes ahead to buy the unknown candy (give the unknown guy a shot).

Maybe I just needed to force myself to write something today. And I didn’t really want to write about my latest forays into online dating. Yet.

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