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Sex, Lies and Linklove

I’ve been collecting a long list of posts/topics to write about. And each day the list just gets longer and longer. And… the truth is, I’m still working my ass off to get caught up on /writing from when I wasn’t feeling well. So, I just don’t have the time/energy to blog as much as I used to.

With that said, I wanted to share a bit:

Shocking (so not shocking) ->  Men who can’t get it up might be more likely to cheat. Or not. via Jezebel.

Only bad people and freaks have friends with benefits. Or not. via Double XX.

I’m utterly amused by this post on the life of Friends characters. I don’t know why. via Splitsider

Why do women remove their pubic hair? It’s worth asking. via Stuff Mom Never Told You

AskMen did a Dating & Sex survey. It’s worth a looksie.


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5 to “Sex, Lies and Linklove”

  1. @femmmefatal says:

    I want to know everything above! Need instant answers…lol cliff notes!
    @femmmefatal recently posted..excessive condition.My Profile

  2. Black Iris says:

    Huge disconnect out there – According to the AskMen survey, men think a woman becomes slutty after her 5th or 10th sexual partner, but on Friends, the characters numbers were all higher than 10.

    I wonder if the survey takers were on the young side – a large %age of them say they’re single in some of the other answers. Or maybe there’s a connection between thinking a woman with 5 partners is slutty and ending up without a wife or girlfriend?

    • Black Iris says:

      And most of the guys in the survey think women start losing their looks at 30 or 40. So I guess the guys are on the young side.