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Imperfect Victims

I’m feeling much better this week. Almost human. Hopefully, that means I’ll get back into the flow of blogging. Hopefully.

I’ve been thinking, for the past few days, about the whole DSK mess. And about this post I read in GOOD about the case and the Myth of the Perfect Victim.

There are lots of people who are predisposed to believe that, no matter what, he’s guilty. Based on his history with women, etc.. Especially now that there’s the new case/old in France. Others will now assume that he’s innocent because they don’t believe the hotel maid.

Whatever you believe, the case is a mess and it looks like a conviction will be difficult to get. Because convictions are difficult to get.  FACT: 15 out of 16 rapists will never spend a day in jail.

I’m, as always, concerned that rape victims are simultaneously on trial with their attackers. We saw it recently with the NYC Cop Rape Trial. She wasn’t a perfect enough victim. She was drunk. Drunk victims aren’t credible. Or something like that.

Is it possible for someone to be involved in illegal activity and also raped? A liar and also raped? Drunk and also raped?  Or do only perfect victims deserve our sympathy and protection under the law?

Honestly, how many of you are so perfect that you could withstand having your whole life picked apart and examined?  Not me. So does that mean I shouldn’t bother reporting any future crimes against me?

Lots of questions that aren’t really questions…


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2 to “Imperfect Victims”

  1. City Girl says:

    Thank you for writing this! As far as victims’ rights have come, there is SO much farther to go. xoxo
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  2. Ashleigh says:

    That’s why a lot of women who get raped will never report it- it’s almost certain the rapist will not go to jail. And to go on trial and have to convince people you’re telling the truth, while everyone’s doubting it, isn’t worth it.