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One Person’s Issues…

I wasn’t going to post today. Honestly, my brain isn’t working. I’m working on it. Me, my doctor and my pharmacist.

But I had a quick thought.

A colleague called this morning with a thing. I’m still working. That’s the thing about being a freelancer. No paid days. So I work around the .

After we talked about the work she mentioned that there was this guy she wanted to introduce me to. Someone she thought I’d really like and vice versa.

And then she said BUT.

But… he has kids.

I jumped in.

I love kids. I love guys with kids.

She said there was something else. He’s in the process of moving to NYC. He has one foot here, a new job, a place to live… but he’s still half in some other city. Spending half his time there.

Cool, I said. Half his time somewhere else means the relationship can’t move too fast. Ideally, I’d love to meet someone to see one or 2 days a week max, for a while. Slooooow. I didn’t tell her that, but that’s the deal.

Anyway, I don’t know if/when I’ll meet this guy. That’s not the point. I just think it’s funny that the ‘issues’ that might turn off some other woman are not issues for me. At all.

To each his own, or whatever.

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3 to “One Person’s Issues…”

  1. NikkiB says:

    “One man gathers what another man spills”…

    Hey, I couldn’t handle a dude that wanted to be all up in my shit all the time. Not right now. Kids, though? Not sure how I feel about kids.

    To each their own! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Simm says:

    LOL Nikki’s comment makes me howl.

    But yeah, to each their own and hey, you never know right? :)

  3. City Girl says:

    I hope that you are feeling better than you were, although I know that a chronic condition is always there in some capacity. I also like how open you are. I agree that having kids isn’t an issue, but I guess we aren’t the norm, are we ;)? xoxo
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