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The 1%

I hard. That’s not me bragging. That’s a fact.

It’s who I am. I’ve always believed that if I wanted something, it was my responsibility to work my ass off and try for it. And if I failed… well, that was OK. Failure is a part of life. But there’s no excuse for not trying. For not working my ass off.

Sometimes, I get so caught up in my working hard, that I forget to breathe. Forget why I’m working so hard in the first place. Forget what inspired me.

And then I have to force myself to stop. Really stop. And remember.

To allow myself to be inspired. Re-inspired. All over again. Because life, for me, isn’t about the acquisition of stuff. It’s about expression and creativity and surrounding myself with people I love.  And sometimes I forget that. Lose my inspiration. Because I let myself get trapped in the work. Focused on the tasks at hand. Freaked out about the actual money, and the savings account and the making it all happen.

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And then I go for a walk.

In my city. The city I love.

And the city reminds me. Re-inspires me. Gets me refocused on WHY I care about my savings account (so that sometime in the not too distant future I can take a month or 2 off every year and just write).

New York City is not an easy place. I’ve often told people that if they’re even just a little iffy about living here, they should leave (more space and cheaper real estate for the rest of us). Much like living as an artist (any kind of art), living here can be brutal. And if there’s something else that can work for you, you should try it.

But I adore my city. It’s my home and more. And all it really takes for me to re-charge, when I’m feeling low, is to get out for a walk. 30 minutes in most any direction will calm me down and show me something beautiful. Something breathtaking. Something truly inspirational. Whether that’s a grammy-worthy musician playing in the park, children dancing and screaming in a fountain on a hot day or the river (don’t get me started on the river), I’m able to come home with a heart full of happy. Able to get back to my silly work with a new sense of purpose.

The theme of this post is “What Inspires Me?” and it’s part of a campaign to get the word out about a new contest. You can win a $4500 gift card just for sharing what inspires you at I gotta say, entering the contest was kinda a win-win for me. It was kinda therapeutic, sitting there for a few minutes and actually thinking about what inspires me, then creating an inspiration board. Then I got off my ass and went for a long, fabulous walk. WIN! Now, if I could only win that $4500…

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5 to “The 1%”

  1. Charlotte says:

    It’s hard not to be inspired everywhere you turn in this great city. It can be exhausting, yes, but long walks like the one you described above always leave me feeling energized, too.

    Great post, Simone!
    Charlotte recently posted..sponsored post what inspires meMy Profile

  2. Lennie Ross says:

    What a beautiful post. You really do need to take a step back, even for 30 minutes to recharge and keep your inspiration alive. Now I wanna take a NY walk…jealous :)

  3. Single Girl says:

    I heart this! Beautiful. Hope you win:) -SG
    Single Girl recently posted..Tell Me WordsMy Profile

  4. Simone Grant says:

    Thank you ladies. Fingers crossed that one of us wins!

  5. Lennie Ross says:

    Simone, you’re such an amazing writer. Absolutely love this post as I do every post you write. Truly an inspiration. Good luck in the contest!