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Tastes like…

Some foods taste like my childhood (don’t worry, I’m not about to get all Proustian on you).

I will forever be envious of people who grew up in ‘normal’ homes. With moms who cooked and families who ate dinner together. That was sooo not my experience. We ate a lot of fast . And tv dinners.

My mom would feed us early, while the Brady Bunch was on, and we ate in the living room in front of the tv. Well I did, alone. My sibling would go off to some other part of the house and eat in front of another tv, also alone. Then my mom would eat an hour or two later, alone in the kitchen. And then, hours later, she would serve my dad dinner when he got home from .

That was our routine for years. Expect for on Fridays, when my dad would come home from work early and we’d go out to eat as a to our favorite Chinese restaurant. And we always ordered the same thing. Random: When I was really little, I assumed that the stuff we ordered was “chinese food” and there were no other options. I stopped eating all of those dishes as soon as I moved away.

Maybe that’s why I’m so obsessed with food now. And with the whole dining experience. Honestly, there are few things I enjoy more than having a meal (brunch, lunch, dinner) with .

Anyway, going back to food tasting like childhood. As you might imagine, I don’t have many good childhood food memories and the ones I do have don’t come from my mom’s kitchen.  My grandmother, however, was an awesome cook. The way that grandmothers are. She had no written recipes, never measured anything, and yet her food was always amazing.

My favorite was her chicken soup. Which was special (yeah, everyone’s grandmother’s chicken soup is special). I still compare all chicken soup to hers, and will travel FAR to get soup that takes like hers (and I rank NYC restaurant/deli soup based on how close they taste to my grandmothers, because hers was perfect).

All of this leads me to today’s “real topic.” A week ago I was asked if I might be interested in doing a post about Tabatchnick soup singles and I immediately said, hell yeah. Coming from a home with a mom who didn’t cook, we ate every single kind of pre-made food known to mankind and I remember Tabatchnick being one of our  favorite brands (there was LOTS of it in our freezer). And not too long ago, I tried out their soup single’s chicken soup and holy hell, it tastes a lot more like my grandmother’s than anyplace within delivery distance to my apt. PLUS it’s cheap (a fraction of take-out), healthy and heats up in the microwave (no dirty pot – hooray).

It’s been almost 2 decades since I had my grandmother’s chicken soup. But when I’m sick, or sad or feeling like I could use a little pick me up, chicken soup fills a special need.

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6 to “Tastes like…”

  1. SoloAt30 says:

    There *is* nothing better when you’re sick or feeling down than some really good, homemade, or tastes like homemade, chicken soup. Here’s to good food memories!
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  2. Lhr says:

    I am assuming you got paid for this product placement… Sure you have to make money, but it just a little off-putting. Is there no part of our lives that can not be bought?

    • Simone Grant says:

      Absolutely! As it says right there above the title, this is a sponsored post. And as I write in the “Disclaimer” in my main menu – this blog is a business and I’m happy to be able to accept cash for different forms of advertising, including sponsored posts.

  3. My mom was the worst cook in the world and I grew up slightly before the “TV Dinner” generation. All seven of us were commanded to eat together at breakfast and dinner, like prisoners in the Big House. Thankfully, there was almost never enough to go around, so you didn’t have to fake eat as much :-) Going out to eat was a once a year thing at the Viking Village Smorgasbord (sadly, gone).. sad when an all-you-can-eat place is better than your mom’s cooking.. and her mom’s cooking (terrible chicken soup, bones and all overcooked beyond taste…) Makes for some great stories at Xmas time when us kids get together, though!
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  4. Our family dinners were not so great. My mother wanted the typical family dinner where we all sit down and eat together. She would make dinner for 6:00, lay it out on the table. My 3 sibling and myself would all sit down and wait for my father to arrive to eat. Well… my father liked to go out with his buddies for a few drinks after work… 7 rolled by… 8 rolled by – we are all still sitting at the table waiting – food cold. 8:30 is my bedtime (I’m 5) I BEG to eat. She lets me eat so I can go to bed. My siblings wait… 9:30 rolls around – my siblings have to go to bed – they are allowed to eat… she continues to wait.
    Every. Single. Night… it was horrible.