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The Island of Misfit Posts

The Island of Misfit Posts batshit crazy  typing laptop 300x199I don’t know how other bloggers ( might be the wrong word here), but I tend to write most of my posts in advance. On “good” weeks I’ll bang out a bunch of posts during the weekend so that I don’t really have to worry about it during the week. Except for comments, which I’ve gotten really bad at approving and replying to in a timely fashion.

Sometimes an idea will hit me, at some random time like the middle of the night or when I’m supposed to be doing something else, and I’ll just go to my and write it up. Frequently, those ideas are left unfinished because I’m too busy (or tired) to polish off the . The thought being that I’ll go back to it with fresh eyes and make it work at some later date.

Lately, I’ve been the queen of unfinished posts.  At present I have 34 draft posts saved. Some are nearly finished. Some are just a title and a couple of sentences.  Ten of them have been written in the past week.

So what gives, what’s with all of these unfinished thoughts? Good question. I wish I knew. I was up late last night, trying to finish one and it just wouldn’t work. It wasn’t a matter of word choice. I actually couldn’t decide how I wanted the post to end.

Which isn’t surprising, at all, when you consider that I’ve been putting off some pretty big life decisions lately. I know the decisions have to be made, and that I’ll feel better once I deal with them. But I’m paralyzed by the fear that I’ll seriously screw things up. Again.

And that keeps me from doing anything. Other than treading water.

And so my blog looks like the Island of Misfit Posts.  Lots of good potential ideas, sitting around for me to make up my goddamn mind and FINNISH something.

Anyway, I apologize for my incoherence. And for being such a slacker.  I’m hoping for some kind of cathartic breakthrough, sometime soon.

Oh, and for those of you who don’t get the referencce…

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4 to “The Island of Misfit Posts”

  1. Roxanne says:

    Yeah, I get it. The one I posted today is not the one I started last night. That one is still in the land of misfit posts — actually fell asleep while writing it and was a little afraid to reread it today, so I wrote a completely different one. I’m dealing with big life issues too, and not writing about them. huh.

  2. Kerri Amber says:

    I was tempted to write LOL, then I remembered I hate that acronym. But laughing out loud at this post am I.

    As a blogger – as of late a blogger on hiatus – my method is to write daily under some time of schedule or timeline and USUALLY this works for me.

    However, on the days it just doesn’t, I scrape words onto the page and tuck my thoughts away for further reflection…leading to 57 unfinished posts in my draft folder.

    So LOL, I absolutely relate.
    Kerri Amber recently posted..Goodbye to YouMy Profile

  3. Mel says:

    I’ve got 18 drafts saved, so I’m with you. They all seem like good ideas at the time… then I can’t seem to find a way to tie them into anything interesting. Or timely.
    Mel recently posted..We had a conversation about… HansonMy Profile

  4. My blog is a bit different, since a lot of my posts are chronological, autobiographical posts about a specific period in my life. I don’t end up with lots of drafts or unfinished thoughts … I just end up with long periods where I don’t write.

    Just started working full-time again after a year of unemployment. Tonight is a night I *should* be writing, but instead I will be taking a bath and going to bed!
    Dont Be a Slut recently posted..DealershipMy Profile